Biographical Information, 1818-1822

This database contains the names of over 2,000 notable individuals who appear in the collection between 1818 and 1822.1 It began life as a tool to aid in the cataloguing of this vast collection, by allowing the Project Archivists to record information on notable individuals as they occurred in the papers.

In general, they are holders, or former holders of, civil, military or ecclesiastical offices, titles, and ranks, at or around the time of the records’ creation – ranging from politicians, government employees, local landlords, magistrates, and judges, to local parish priests, clergymen, high sheriffs, merchants, engineers, and former soldiers.

Some names will be familiar – such as prominent statesmen and church leaders – others will be less well-known, and it is particularly for those latter individuals that it is hoped the database will prove most useful.

Where possible, an individual’s full name is recorded, and accompanied by titles, offices held, and, where known, dates, places of residence, and any other general biographical information.

A note is also made of the year or years in which the individual appears in the registered papers.

It is hoped that the resource will be of interest and use, not just to researchers using the Chief Secretary’s Office Registered Papers, but to all those with an interest in early nineteenth century Irish history and life.

  • 1 In order to improve efficiencies within the project it has been decided, following a review, to discontinue the process of recording names into a separate database, and so the database exists for the years 1818-1822 only.

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